Download Friends Match Me free dating app on Google Play & App Store!

If you got an Android or iphone or ipad, you can now download the Friends Match Me free dating app!  We recently released smartphone apps on Google Play and the App Store.  The apps can be downloaded for free, and, just like our website, the features are free too – create your profile, add photos / videos, search for your match, chat and private messaging, and privacy controls too.  From the smartphone apps you can capture photos/videos and add them to your profile in one go.

You can find the direct links to the apps here,

Get app on Google Play Download app on the Apple store

as well as on the homepage and footer pages on .  You can also find the Friends Match Me dating app directly on your smartphone by opening the Google Play or App Store and searching for “friendsmatchhme”.

Here are the app listing screenshots from Google Play and the App Store:

Friends Match Me app on Google Play Store   Friends Match Me app on Apple Store

And here are some screeshots from the Friends Match Me app:

Friends Match Me app LoginFriends Match Me app features Friends Match Me app ProfileFriends Match Me app Match PreferncesFriends Match Me app Likes Search    Friends Match Me app Settings & Privacy

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New match preferences search option added: personality traits

personalityNow you can filter your matches by personality traits!  On the Advanced Search / Preferences page, you can select different personalities you would want your match to have, and profiles matching any of those selected traits will be displayed on your “Matches” page.  The personalities selection also comes into play on the “Who’s Searching For Me” page, where you find out which members’ match preferences match your profile.  And also on the “Mutual Matches” page where both your match preferences match other members’ profiles and vice versa.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Pillow Fight Time in SF!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  You can celebrate it in San Francisco with the annual pillow fight!

Valentine's day, pillow fight in sf


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Happy New Year!

May you find your match soon in 2017!  We will be announcing very exciting updates soon!  Friends Match Me smartphone apps for android and apple will be available at the Google Store and Apple Store, respectively.  Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at to get the latest updates!  We hope the apps will increase the potential of a match even more, as more and more single people sign up.  Thank you to RE Designs and UltimateWB for their awesome app work!

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Friends Match Me, it’s about love

Find your match with a little help from your friends (indirectly)!
The 100% Totally Free Dating Site for Real Relationships for Singles. Join Now!

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Qin Kai proposes to fellow Chinese diver He Zi after medal ceremony…and she says yes!

Silver medallist China's He Zi proposed to by Chinese diver Qin Kai after the podium ceremony of the Women's diving 3m Springboard Final at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

At the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Maria Lenk Aquatics Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 14, 2016

Right after stepping down from the podium with her new silver medal for the Women’s 3m Springboard at the Rio Olympic Games, 25-year-old China’s He Zi gets emotional when proposed to by her boyfriend and now fiance, 30-year-old Chinese diver, Qin Kai:

Qin Kai, 30, kneeled and presented the ring to He, before placing it on her finger and asking her to marry him, the AP reported. With her hand over her mouth, He nodded her head to say, “Yes.”

Qin also presented He with a red rose in a glass box, the AP said, while the crowd cheered.

“He said a lot of things,” He said, describing Qin’s speech to the AP. “He made a lot of promises, but the most important thing is this is the guy I can trust for the rest of my life.”

The pair was caught on camera hugging after the proposal.

(via “Marriage Proposal With a Silver Medal for Chinese Diver”)


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Friends Match Me featured in UltimateWB’s video on ABC!

Friends Match Me in UltimateWB video on ABC

Friends Match Me got included in UltimateWB‘s video aired on ABC’s Finney’s Friday Free Stuff!  We are featured to show Ultimate Web Builder’s built-in Responsive App.  Check out the taping below:

via Ultimate Web Builder on ABC’s Finney’s Friday Free Stuff!

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Stephen Colbert tells the story of how he knew his wife was “the one” on day one

Stephen -Colbert show

Stephen Colbert answers an audience member’s question on this in about 6 minutes.  Starting from an ultimatum from his then girlfriend to marry or break up after dating for a few years, going to his hometown Charleston, South Carolina to think about it for a week, to his discussion with his mom and helpful advice after getting off the plane that “I don’t know” isn’t good enough when answering the question if you want to marry someone, to spotting a woman at the lobby of the theater he went to with his mom that night when his sister couldn’t make it and thinking “her” – that’s who he’s going to marry.   Trading looks at the lobby of theater and then in the after party the woman cuts in line to grab a strawberry and he takes it has his open to say hi – turns out that they both grew up together in the same area and have a bunch of mutual friends.  They talk for 2 hours and about poets they like, including the North Carolina poet Chuck Sullivan, then a man interjects if they are talking about Chuck Sullivan and that Chuck Sullivan is his father.  Stephen takes this as another sign – a sneeze blessing as in the Odyssey, as he gets Chuck Sullivan’s address and couldn’t find any recent published works of his.  Stephen wonders if this is too perfect, is the woman is just being nice to him because she is polite, so as she is talking to Chuck Sullivan’s son, he turns his back for a minute to give her a chance to leave, he turns around after that minute and…she’s still there smiling at him…and now they’re married!

Hear the ‘love at first sight’ true love story direct from Stephen, Stephen Colbert and Evelyn McGee-Colbert’s story on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Facebook video:

Stephen Colbert with his wife, Evelyn McGee-Colbert, after he won two Emmys in 2013


Find your match with a little help from your friends (indirectly!) too on Friends Match Me!

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New notification in your Friends Match Me inbox

new-messageWe have added a new notification in your Friends Match Me inbox: when you have received an email from a user who has been removed from the site for violating the TOS (Terms of Service) since the last time you have logged into Friends Match Me, we let you know / that such email has been automatically removed from your inbox.

We try our best to keep Friends Match Me a friendly environment for all singles looking for love, companionship, and friendship.  If you find a message in your inbox that you feel violates the TOS or is not genuine, please use the Report button right there to report the message/user.

You can subscribe to get automatic email notifications when you receive a new message on Friends Match Me, from the Settings page on your account.  Coming soon, you will also be able to get push notifications (push alerts) right to your phone, with our new smartphone apps!  Please stay tuned when the Friends Match Me smartphone apps hit the google/apple stores!

Didn’t join Friends Match Me yet?  It’s 100% free – yes, to search, and email, chat, favorite, etc. – totally free.  Join now at !

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New dating site/app feature: Mutual Matches!

Mutual Match

We have just added a new feature to check out who you might like and who might like you based on each other’s profile and match preferences!  You can find your “Mutual Matches” page under the “Matches” tab at .  Let us know what you think!

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