eHarmony paid dating site passwords hacked, poor security policies

The paid subscription social networking dating site eHarmony confirmed Wednesday, along with the business social networking site LinkedIn, that its site has been hacked and member passwords have been compromised.  According to Sophos security reports, more than 60% of the passwords have already been cracked.  Tech news site Ars Technica said it found about 1.5 million of those 8 milion leaked passwords to be from eHarmony users.  It is possible that all the passwords have been compromised and hacked from the sites’ database, as Rick Redman, a security consultant for Kore Logic Security told Ars Technica, “It’s pretty obvious that whoever the bad guy was cracked the easy ones and then posted these, saying, ‘These are the ones I can’t crack.’”

EHarmony’s weak encryption policies is on heat now.  While they are advising members how to choose strong passwords in their eHarmony blog, they make no mention of any security measures taken by the company to increase security.  A strong password is not much use if the website is not storing it properly.  According to the Techlicious blog, “Because eHarmony has yet to adequately address the security measures they are putting in place to protect this breach from happening again, you should consider any password and personal information you post to eHarmony as insecure.”  If you need another reason to use the all free dating site Friends Match Me instead, there’s a huge one.  Built on Ultimate Web Builder software, Friends Match Me is also a free Facebook dating app and we don’t store any user passwords in the website database…besides being a really cool and awesome dating site!  …And totally FREE!!

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