Hinge’s response to no more Facebook mutual friends data access: track your activity

As you might know by now, Facebook is creating its own dating app and whether related or not, it’s not giving out Facebook mutual friends data out to other apps even when users approve the permission for an app.  So what does a dating app based soley on that feature like Hinge do?  Hinge is introducing a new feature that tracks your activity and your dates through a new “We Met” feature, to suggest matches to you.  A different approatch than Friends Match Me – we recently announced the new upgrades to our dating app Friends Match Me, partnering with the social app Me We Too – we put all the control in choosing who’s your match to you.

find matchHinge writes on their website, “We learn your type based on the people you like”.  Reliable? Hmm.  Their “We Met” features asks you if you went out on a date with someone from the app that you have exchanged numbers with, and if you liked it – and then based on that make match recommendations to you:

‘We Met’ helps us understand your dating journey as you move things off the app. A few days after exchanging phone numbers, we’ll ask you a) if you went on a date and b) if your date is the type of person you’d like to see again. If you indicate that you don’t want a second date, we’ll will take that info into account when recommending new people to you. 

How can Hinge categorize new potential matches based on whether you liked a certain member or not? What do you think? Anyone tried it out?

On Friends Match Me we keep it simple – we show you who you say you want to check out. You can search based on advanced specs, or just age/distance/gender, etc. Who knows your match better than you?

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