100% Free Facebook Dating App better than just Facebook for online dating!

You got to add the 100% free Facebook dating app Friends Match Me for the best online dating experience – Facebook is just not enough – it wasn’t made for dating, but socializing with your circle of friends and co-workers or acquaintances – NOT DATING! On Facebook you might know what someone had for breakfast, how the traffic was on their way to work, what the secretary was wearing, how lunch at the corner of the block was…etc. it’s like in the popular show Seinfeld, stuff…or the show about ‘nothing’ – interesting stuff, or it’s just “on”, but not meaty – or juicy if you’re vegetarian. Depending on how much info the person shares and whether or not you have access to that info based on their privacy settings/Friend Lists, you might not know if that person who catches your eye on Facebook with the cute smile and looks smart is single, looking to date, interested in women or men, what their likes are, their biggest turn on or biggest turn off, how they would describe themselves, their personality, their nationality, religion, political views, what work they do, etc. etc. – you might just have a small little profile photo instead of uploaded photos they want you to see, that represent who they are, and videos….

So in a nutshell, you should add Friends Match Me if you haven’t yet if you are serious about dating singles who are serious too! The Friends Match Me dating site unique features of allowing you to see if you have any mutual Facebook friends with members, mutual Facebook LIkes, and affiliations – like if you went to the same college/university, worked at the same place, like the same fast food restuarant…brings the intimacy back into online dating, so it is not just a whole lot better than trying to meet your soul mate at the next bar stool in the local club, it is like being in that social environment you can thrive in – like your favorite class in college, the student lounge, the workplace kitchen, the party at your friend’s house. You get more insight – don’t forget about boycotting Jimmy Kimmel’s National Unfriend Day! :)

And of course, Friends Match Me is totally FREE just like Faceboook…so come on by…the more the merrier, right?! Check the Friends Match Me free dating site homepage for updates on countries where members are signing up from! Friends Match Me is the Newest Dating Site Launched August 2011 with Members Worldwide!
Connect with singles from countries all around the world, including from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, Algeria, Indonesia, Singapore, El Salvador, Albania …

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