Real People and Real Profiles on Facebook Dating App, Friends Match Me

Unlike many other dating sites, Friends Match Me does not purchase a members database to populate our dating site, or create/buy fake profiles.  All members on the Friends Match Me dating site are organic – i.e., a website visitor has signed up free by clicking the top right blue Facebook Connect button, and created their own dating profile.  Being a Facebook dating app, and requiring an active Facebook account to be a member on Friends Match Me, gives an extra layer of support for Real People and Real Profiles on Friends Match Me. …Not to mention fun and important features of getting to find members with similar Facebook Likes and mutual Facebook friends!  How many people have you heard answer they found their girlfriend/boyfriend through another friend?!  Friends Match Me helps you do that without having to have active match makers as friends, or friends who like to throw a lot of big parties.

All the features on the Friends Match Me dating site are 100% completely free.  So if you’re getting an email notification (if you have that setting on) that a members has hotlisted or emailed you, you don’t have to worry that it might be an attempt to get you to upgrade to a paid subscription to actually find out who it is!  You have full access to your account – no charge, just like Facebook.

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