Science of Relationships & Breakups Explained in 3 Simple Images

Your math teacher was right – math does apply in every day life, in everything.  Even in relationships, dating and breakups – although I would agree with Jerry Seinfeld when he said accounting does not belong in successful dating/relationships!  But the statistics do exist.  Here are three graphical representations of the relationship, dating, and breakup trends…it’s kind of like an adult version of the school science fair:

1) When do most breakups occur?  The breakup curve climbs after February 14th, Valentine’s day, peaks at March and then spikes up again on April 1st, April Fool’s Day (no joke!).  In the fall the breakups rate is at the lowest, and then right before the winter holidays it peaks up.

Likelihood of Breakups per day

How accurate is it?  It was made by  measuring “the frequency of the words ‘breakup’ or ‘broken up’ out of all Facebook status updates on each day.”  Need some salt with that?

2) If you’re dating someone under 30, there’s a 53 percent chance that they won’t even bother to break up with you in person.  For all those growing up in the 90’s, as Stephanie on “Full House” puts it: ‘How rude!’

Method for breaking up

This data was collected using a polling app on Facebook asking single users how they ended their last relationship.

3) Lots of statistics here…

Relationships Statistics

There are about 3 million first dates every day worldwide.  In the US, 2.5 million people per year get married and over 1 million divorces are filed each year.  Worldwide, 5.4% nevery marry.  47% of men and 40% of women worldwide have had a one-night stand.

36% of adults admit to breaking up with someone due to looks.  More break up reasons: 3.5%: Parents/Friends didn’t approve, 16-21% Distance, 18-22% Cheating, 26-28% Lose Interest, 30-32% Other.

56% of all adults claim to be unhappy with their sex life.  22% of people worldwide have had an affair – 58% in Turkey, 39% in Iceland, 26% in Italy, 17% in USA, 14% in the UK, 11% in Hong Kong, and 7% in Israel.

The statistics even include that relationships bring in $18 million USD in annual revenue for 1-800-flowers.

Nice science project.  Now forget about it all, and jump into your next relationship with all the hopes and dreams you want.

(via , Information designers David McCandless and Lee Byron )

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