Already tried other “Free” dating sites? Friends Match Me free dating gives you a different dating angle – a better dating angle

Have you already tried other “free” dating sites and come up with no luck in finding the one, or even someone you might want to date? You might have thought it was a free site, but then come to find you have to pay to read a message sent to you by another member – and you don’t know who that member is – or pay to send an email to another member, or pay for some other online dating functionality that is essential to success. Maybe you just didn’t feel comfotable dating anyone you found online – it can be impersonal and you don’t know if who you see in the photos is really who you get, or if it is a real profile…

That is why we created the Friends Match Me free dating site. Not only it is a completely free, 100% free, totally free dating site, but it breaks the common problems with other dating sites. Friends Match Me gives you a different dating angle to work with – a better dating angle!

1) You get to see if you have any mutual Facebook friends with other members!! How many times has Facebook suggested a friend for you and told you that you have a mutual friend with them – someone you didn’t know at all. This is faster than checking the friends lists of all your friends, and checking if they are single or not. Facebook wasn’t made as a dating site, and you don’t get all the dating info you want – that is where Friends Match Me comes in!

2) Member videos!! Sometimes a person isn’t photogenic. Or they are not a writer. Any way, a member video can do a lot and say a lot.

3) Member live chatting – text and video!! What is a better way to check if who you see is who you get than video chatting?! It is a good idea to talk online via video before the first date.

4) Check for similar Facebook Likes!! If you tried to find someone you would want to date through Facebook, you might have gone through the list of people associated with a page or group you like. This makes the process A LOT easier! Friends Match Me also has an option to display your Facebook Likes on your profile – whether or not they are similar to the other member – for some added layer showing who you are, and what you are all about.

Join Friends Match Me free dating now by clicking to the top Connect with Facebook button if you haven’t yet! There is no reason not to try it out! Why depend just on meeting someone in your college classes, or at work, or at the gym?! Pick your dating username, fill out your dating profile, and start the search – fill out your dating preferences to get your dating matches emailed to you!

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