Are there any totally free dating sites? Yes, Friends Match Me Facebook dating app!

You might have signed up for other “free” dating sites such as PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, or Eharmony, and then were suprised that they weren’t totally free. You didn’t happen to read the fine print that it is free to sign up, but not free to interact – send email, or read email, or do a more thorough search and advanced filtering…and other important aspects to online dating that actually make it work. Friends Match doesn’t have any of that fine print – no credit card is required to sign up – or ever required. It is totally free, 100% free – not just free to start, but completely free to use. You get access to all of the functionalities of the dating site. You might have heard “You get what you pay for” – well, Facebook is also totally free and you get a lot. Everyone deserves to find their match. It’s free to socialize online, it should be free to find your soul mate online too. Save the money for the chocolates and flowers!

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