“Take Me Out” & “The Choice” new tv dating game shows premier on Fox

Two new tv dating game shows premiered on Fox on primetime Thursday night.  Both play on the idea of first impressions, the first airing at 8pm called “Take Me Out” with “everyday” people, the second airing at 9pm called “The Choice” with 4 celebrity bachelors choosing their final dates with not so famous ladies.  The choosing of the dates are a lot quicker than ABC’s “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” on both tv shows.  Another version of “reality tv” in the dating world.

On “Take Me Out”, hosted by George Lopez, a long line of ladies choose whether they are interested in the bachelor in front of them on the stage, first based on their first impressions, and then based on more and more info they are given as the guy’s video plays.  Then the bachelor chooses from the ladies who still have their light switch on, designating they still have the hots for him.  Apparently, a tall dark handsome Italian guy is a turn on – one who wears a  gladiator costume is not so much…on the show at least.

On “The Choice”, Cat Deeley from “So You Think You Can Dance” plays double host, much like Tom Bergeron from “America’s Funniest Videos” and “Dancing With The Stars”.  Apparently Cat is already engaged, as she reveals on the show.  The celebrity bachelors on this week’s dating game consist of Jason Cook, Jeremy Bloom, Romeo, and DJ Pauly D (“Jersey Shore”).  The show starts with the men sitting in chairs facing away from the bachelorettes.  They have 20 seconds to intrigue the men to pull the lever to turn around their chair with their light on, designating that they are interested.  If more than one guy is interested in the bachelorette, the girl gets to pick the guy’s “team” they are on.  Each bachelor ends the dating choosing game with 3 girls.  Like contestants from Miss USA and other pagents, the ladies are then paraded back onto the stage with sashes on, marking which team they are on, i.e. the name of the guy that might choose them.  There is a speed dating kind of question/answer between each bachelor/bachelorette.  Then each bachelor eliminates one girl.  Finally there is the question/answer between the 2 remaining ladies for each guy, with the girl like on Miss USA not listening to the first girl’s answer.  And the celebrity bachelor chooses who he will go out on a date with.  Interesting?  Based on the commercials for this dating show, Superman’s Dean Cain will be on one of the dating game shows coming up.

Post a comment if you watched these new tv dating game shows, and if you would ever consider being a contestant.

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