Real life love story behind the movie “The Vow”, Kim & Krickitt Carpenter

The Hollywood story “The Vow”, out in theatres now, is actually inspired by the 1996 book “The Vow”, the real life love story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.  Different details, but the same persistence and dedication of the husband to rekindle his wife’s love for him, to get her to remember him after a car accident wipes out all her memories of him.  The method – through making new memories and starting ‘date night ‘ all over again.  Rachel McAdams plays Krickitt as Paige in the movie “The Vow”, and Channing Tatutm plays Kim as Leo.  The book is being re-released with the movie.

Driving to family for Thanksgiving in 1993, their first one as a married couple, Kim and Krickitt got struck by a two-truck collision car accident that put Krickitt in a coma for weeks.  Doctors said she had less than a one percent chance to live, and if she did, she would be a vegetable.  Krickitt did wake up, and beat the odds.  It was a struggle, but she had her devoted husband by her side, not giving up on her and the love they have together.  She regained her cognitive abilities…but had some amnesia.  She couldn’t remember  the past 18 months of her life – the time period that she met and got to know Kim.  When the nurse asked, “Who’s your husband?”, she replied, “I’m not married”.  In an interview with Dr. Phil, Kim said that at first his goal was to get his wife back exactly like she was when they got married.  But then he found that doesn’t matter.  They could build new memories and he could love something new about Kim every day, and they could grow together.  Change isn’t bad.  Kim and Krickitt are now happily married in New Mexico, with two kids.

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