Download Friends Match Me free dating app on Google Play & App Store!

If you got an Android or iphone or ipad, you can now download the Friends Match Me free dating app!  We recently released smartphone apps on Google Play and the App Store.  The apps can be downloaded for free, and, just like our website, the features are free too – create your profile, add photos / videos, search for your match, chat and private messaging, and privacy controls too.  From the smartphone apps you can capture photos/videos and add them to your profile in one go.

You can find the direct links to the apps here,

Get app on Google Play Download app on the Apple store

as well as on the homepage and footer pages on .  You can also find the Friends Match Me dating app directly on your smartphone by opening the Google Play or App Store and searching for “friendsmatchhme”.

Here are the app listing screenshots from Google Play and the App Store:

Friends Match Me app on Google Play Store   Friends Match Me app on Apple Store

And here are some screeshots from the Friends Match Me app:

Friends Match Me app LoginFriends Match Me app features Friends Match Me app ProfileFriends Match Me app Match PreferncesFriends Match Me app Likes Search    Friends Match Me app Settings & Privacy

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