Should you use professional writing services for you online dating profile?

If you haven’t heard yet, there are actually professional writing services available by various companies for beefing up and polishing your online dating profile….Might remind you of the college application days. So the question is, should you use a writing service to describe you, represent you, in your search for your match, your soul mate? Who knows you better than you? It is each person’s own personal decision, but it’s not just what you say in your dating profile that shows who you are and can attract your match, it is how you say it, and what are between the lines, in the white spaces.

The Willy Smith 2005 movie “Hitch” where he plays a professional “date doctor” also comes to mind…Hitch finds that what makes the couples he brings together fall in love is who they are, the moves and ways that he didn’t coach them to do. But, for example his latest client Albert Brennaman (played by Kevin James from “King of Queens”), got the confidence he needed to initiate and open up the possibility of a relationship as he woos the well known Allegra Cole (played by Amber Valletta). There is a temporary backlash in the movie when Allegra and Hitch’s own woman he tries to woo, Sara Melas (played by Eva Mendes) finds that professional “date doctor” is involved in relationships of love…so that may be something to think about. Maybe better to create your profile, and then ask others what they think about it, if you’re not sure!

Hitch movie with Will Smith

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