Women Share How Long It Took Them To Fall In Love

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A Reddit question on the AskWomen section, “How long did it take to fall in love with your past or present partner?“.  Some were super fast, and some took time:

CallMeFlapadap 12 points 

Super fast. I think 1 month of dating, but I still “kept it together” for another 2 weeks until I couldn’t keep the words in anymore.
I used to be a “you can’t fall in love that fast” person. Until I wasn’t anymore

 7 points 

It was super fast, within weeks of dating. Still together 22 years later.

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About a minute for my infatuation to settle in. I’d say after the first week of knowing him I was 100% in love.

 5 points 

I started to feel it at 5 months. We were supposed to be this casual NSA thing but that turned into entire weekends and at least 2 nights a week together. I was the one who asked him out, so I decided I wouldn’t say I love you first. Two weeks later he said it.

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I fell in love with my SO way way faster than usual. We said I love you about 3.5 months in but I had been thinking it for a while. I had to kinda go back and forth with myself for a bit about whether I really did love him because I didn’t quite trust it since it happened so fast.

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Around four or five months together, friends 8 months before that.

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It was weird, I met him almost exactly one year ago and we didn’t hit it off. I was quite happy to leave it in the past and I met someone else 3 months later, who I liked immediately. Unfortunately after a few months that relationship took a nosedive.

I went back on the dating site I had used before and the first guy soon messaged asking if we could try again. I ignored him because I was talking to other guys who seemed more friendly and positive and generally a better match.

However he then found my mobile number again and started casually messaging. I thought ok, we can be friends. I very quickly realised though that we were getting on like a house on fire this time. He was such a gentleman, similar morals, outlook on life, keen to settle down etc. He was making such an effort with me and soon progressed to buying lovely presents, fixing things around the house for me and really becoming everything I had ever wanted in a guy. We’ve been together almost 7 months now and planning next stage of our lives.

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Only a handful of dates. Which was unexpected, before that I’d only ever fallen in love with people I’d known at least a year and was already friends with. Never would have guessed that the first time I met him and he asked me out.


How about you?

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